relationship can work even after break up

Everyone who has been in a relationship would agree that relationships are special indeed. The feeling of being with special someone is incomparable. But, what if you two have broken up? Or, you moved on with life? Or even if, you are crying your heart out and blaming yourself that you don’t deserve love? 

We all know that Break-ups SUCK big time! And the constant struggle inside your head and heart resisting to not go back to him/her make it unbearable. But, what if you still have a chance left?

If you are looking for answers to ‘can a relationship work after a break up?  In that case, keep reading…

To answer that, first, we need to know the types of breakups. There are two types of break-ups:

  1. This is when you both know that the reason you two broke up is stupid and if you let your bae have some “me” time, they will definitely turn around and get back together with you. If so, God bless you, you don’t need to seek help.
  2. On the other hand, if the breakup actually feels serious and that there’s no coming back from it, well, we’d try our level best to help. This article will try to help you through the situations where a relationship can work even after break up.

So without wasting any time, let’s hop straight into details. 

Here’s when your relationship can work even after break up:

1. Depends on the cause of a fight:


If you and your partner don’t fight at all or never even have disagreements, you are nothing but a pile of liars. Having a fight is a part of every relationship. It happens. It could be triggered by the slightest of things. There are situations where you break up right after a fight just because nothing seems to be working out. 

Truth be told, realize that whenever an issue comes up, it is you and your partner against it together and not against each other. So take a deep breath, think about it again and with an open mind to sort things out.

Fighting with your partner is one of the pillars of a relationship. It helps the two of you grow as people and it also boosts the bond that the two of you share. So yes, relationships can work after a breakup if you broke up on a fight.

2. If you broke up because of lack of understanding:


There are moments in a relationship where you feel like you don’t understand your partner at all. It’s like they have changed completely and transformed into a completely new being. You may feel like you’re dating a stranger. Let me remind you when you are dating, you both lead a life apart from the relationship as well. You both grow as individuals. You are bound to change.

But there is something you got to remember. Talking to your partner about every important matter is important. So talk it out, realize how the two of you have changed. Think about why you liked the person when you started dating each other. Truth to be told, if you really didn’t want to stay with the person, you would be over the person already.

3. If you broke up for one of you being the narcissist:


This one is simple. If you were the narcissist and your partner confronted you about it after the breakup, you got to hear this out. You get into a relationship as two equals. No one forced you into it. You have no right to put yourself on top. It is really fine to love yourself more than anyone and flaunting yourself, but when you treat your partner in a terrible manner, it hurts them more than it hurts other people.

To the ones with a narcissist ex: If you did confront and they didn’t care about it, you did the right thing. And if you didn’t, call him/her right now and tell them about how you felt. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption.

4. If you broke up for not always being there:


Your work is important. To a student grades matter, to a professional, your job and status matter. But everyone needs to realize, you always got to show what matters to you by just thinking about it. If you were the one who was always busy and that’s the reason your partner left you, then it’s time you should learn the importance of time management and keeping things balanced. Make your partner realize how important they are to you. Gestures are everything. Show them that they matter. Just like you wouldn’t want a prized possession of others, or being ill-treated by someone else, don’t treat your loved one in such a manner.

From next time onward, just be little expressive with your feelings. No matter how much you work, no matter how busy you are, find that 1 minute to justify why you won’t be able to be there with them. Let them know you love them and tell them you can’t wait to meet them. 

5. If you broke up because you caught him/her cheating:


Disclaimer: cheating is wrong. We all know it. We all get it.

If your ex cheated on you and you broke up with them, we won’t suggest or encourage you to get back him/her.  But,  cheating is something that no one in a relationship enters thinking about (except those extremely rare kinds of people, please beware of them). It usually happens in the heat of the moment and it is understandable that you feel hurt; you lose the trust you had. But there are so many wrong things that people do just out of that rush.

It is hard to explain how much your body goes through, all the chemicals running in that brain of yours. But there is a thin line: If your Boo has been a serial cheater, set him/her free. But if they did it once, chances are the only reason you know is that they told you. Respect that. It takes courage to do something like that and then admit doing it.

Your partner had the courage to do so and now he/she is regretting losing you. And they care about you more than they care about themselves. That is why they told you because you deserved to know about it. He or she is selfless toward you and that is something rare. So, yes, you can get back together with your ex if they cheated on you because, at the end of the day, they feel the guilt.


On a personal note, it happens for the best. When you get back together, it opens up avenues to your relationship that you could never think about. This does not mean you go out and cheat to excite up your relationship or become the one to cause a break-up. You can just talk to your love and reach those avenues too.