Turning Breakups Into Breakthroughs

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Let’s start it with my favorite quote “Breakups are not always meant for make ups, sometimes relationship ends in order for you to wake up” . Such an awesome Quote!! Isn’t it?

Sounds like a fairly easy task, Just focus on positives, let go him/her off your mind, find a new dude/chick and party,  yayyyyyy…But wait!!

Is it as smooth as it sounds? Hell NO!!!

Ohh Sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. 🙂 This is  Harsh Y. 

I don’t claim to be any love or breakup expert. But, I have had my fair share of heartbreaks like you all, backed with some very valuable lessons I learnt along the way.

Neither do I believe in giving sugar-coated advice, nor I make any fake claims and promises. My only goal is to be your close buddy and help you get through this heart wrenching journey which sums up as “BREAKUP“.

And, now let’s cut short the suspense and let me take you to the core of this blog and the whole journey. For this, I will sum up this in two questions.

1. Why?

2. How? 

Let’s start with the ‘Why’?

If you think about it, a breakup is a lot like having fever; We all have experienced it at one point of time, or even, many times(Yeah, that’s for you, Serial lover :p).

There are times when we lovingly lent a shoulder to our sobbing friends during their heart shattering moments, and at times we seek theirs.  Having a breakup is indeed a life changing experience.

Nobody can find an answer for how a happy and loving togetherness ends in just a blink of an eye, how a person who was once responsible for all the joys in life turns into just an “EX”perience.  Minutes become hours, hours turn into days and days turn into months and yet that pain stays still the same, GOSHHH!

Not just mentally, it drains us out physically and emotionally too. It adversely impact our productivity, faith in relationships, emotional stability, and much more. In simpler terms, if fucks us real bad.

When a long-lived relationship comes to an end, it can leave a void that takes years to get back to normal. And why it shouldn’t shatter us? After all, we not only  pour in our efforts and  time but also emotional energy into these relationships only to get butt kicked in the end.

And that “EX”perience is followed with  sleepless nights, poor appetite, rush of negativity and thoughts of bombing every happy couple by making it more worse.

And a little ray of hope that’s left in us after this, is taken down by post-breakup depression, deteriorating self-confidence, a high degree of sensitivity towards everything. We even tend to lose our hold over reality.

Then comes all the binge-eating, crying to our friends, and staying in our pyjamas for weeks, listening to breakup special playlist etc etc. The present  i-generation is well aware of what one goes through after a breakup.

However, every broken heart has its own individual way to mend, cope, and eventually, heal.

And, how this blog can help?

This is EXACTLY the conversation that Breakupped aims to start. No, I am no love guru or an expert. I simply intend to have a dialogue with you, our readers, through this blog where  we can talk about breakups and broken hearts.

Breakupped takes pride in being a space where you can come and share your stories about Post-breakup depression, anxiety, changed or changing perception of life and love(YES, every knit and kin of BREAKUP) .

Through quizzes, stories of celebrity breakups, and interactive conversations on how to deal with breakups and related issues. Breakupped promises you that we are going to burst the negativity bubble around and bring you and your life back on track.

NO NO! I am not claiming that I will make you resistant to breakups. But, yeah we are sure to bring you ‘up’ when you ‘break’.

Through this blog, I will show you how a breakup can be a milestone in your journey of life and will make you aware of its potential of being a life-changing experience.

I welcome you to Breakupped, a space where we lay our hearts and our selves open to sharing our stories, hearing others’ inspiring stories, and learning how to evolve from a breakup.

Just stick with us; It’s time to turn a Breakup into a Break-through.