Why No Contact Rule Always Works

Overcoming a breakup is an individual matter, as people deal with it differently. Some quickly move on; others hope to reconcile with their exes. Those weakest ones let the breakup significantly disturb their lives. Neither situation is the best solution, but it may be best to mix all three for a while.

Not having your loved one by your side will be difficult for you at first. Then you will accept the current situation and think about the next move. Maybe it’s time for some things and changes you couldn’t make in a relationship.

It’s like you’re born again. Only when things fall into place can you consider reconciliation. On this link, see what experts suggest as a post-breakup therapy.

Why No Contact Rule Always Works

Sometimes all this takes place in just a few days, and some girls are already thinking about how to get their ex back. That’s possible only if no third party has interfered in your relationship or you haven’t split as enemies. In that case, one of the best methods is the No Contact Rule. 

Few Words about No Contact Rule

If you want to move on from your ex-boyfriend, or at least you want him to think that, the No Contact rule is the answer. That means no communication of any kind for a while. Don’t walk near his house or workplace. Don’t ask your friends about him. And, for the love of God, don’t call his mother (?!) 

Not being in touch is a decision that will require some effort but can be quite rewarding. The longer the period, the better, but don’t make it too long if you think of reconciling.

No Contact Rule is not about being spiteful or hurtful; it’s about choosing to use your newly-gained freedom wisely. It gives you some time to put yourself together and move on to whichever direction you choose.

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Reexamine Your Feelings

Reexamine Your Feelings

By not seeing or texting your ex, you’ll gain some perspective on what your relationship was and what went wrong. You’ll know whether it’s worth continuing or not.

The No Contact rule will give you the mental space to decide whether or not you want this guy back. Simply, this method gives you the chance to reset your mind and feelings. 

You’ve gone through some hard times thinking about your relationship but decided to give it one more chance. But he doesn’t know that, and you should let things settle for a few weeks. That’s enough time for you to recover and make a fresh start with the guy you love.

If you don’t whether you want your ex back or not, this list could help:


Helps You Heal

You’ll need to adhere to the timeline of the No-Contact rule to avoid falling off the path of self-control. The key is to remain completely detached from the other side during this time. You should also stay away from people who remind you of your ex-partner.

Take the advantage of time and distance to heal your mind and heart. The No-Contact rule helps you remember your worth. Remember, your ex-boyfriend is not oxygen, so you can live without him. You can smile again, make new friends, travel, and go out.

Getting your ex back will be possible only if you bury your former experience deep and start everything all over. Simply, you need a break and some time to put yourself together.

It can take a while, but you can move on only after healing from a breakup. Only then can you think sober and cool-headed.

Prevent Disappointment

Your ex-partner is like a vice you’re trying to get rid of. But you certainly won’t succeed if you show up drunk in front of his door in the middle of the night or constantly press him with heartbreaking texts. Apart from being counterproductive, it can hurt you even more because you won’t get the response you expect.

Suppose you stay in touch with your ex-boyfriend or even see each other. And all of a sudden, he finds a new girlfriend. What do you get? Disappointment, anger, and complete loss of hope.

Is it worth it? Of course not. Instead, separate from him physically and mentally for at least a month and show no interest in his life. You’ll spare yourself from being hurt all over again.

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Makes Him Miss You

Makes Him Miss You

Many people wonder why the 30 days No Contact rule works. Simply, it’s an effective method to make your ex miss you as it shows him you are no longer a viable option.

No texting or calling indicates that you have moved on, even though you may still be suffering. But just because you’re chasing your ex means you don’t want him anymore. That’s what most guys will think, so there’s your chance.

When you don’t force communication, it’s a sign of lacking interest. If a guy still has feelings for you, your distance will hurt his ego. He will do whatever it takes to get in touch with you. While it’s tempting to respond to his texts and love letters, ignoring them will annoy your ex and make him want to talk to you again. 

A breakup is a painful experience, but if you don’t stay in touch with your ex, you could make the pain go away faster. When you’re feeling emotionally and physically recovered, you can reach the guy you still love and start a reconciliation mission. But make sure he’s still into you.