Dressing to Impress a Man on Your First Date

Ladies have a visual in mind about how they want their guys to dress. If guys show up looking like shlubs, women are immediately turned off. Likewise, women should also dress to impress.

There will be plenty of time later in a relationship to dress more casually when someone you’re dating is more into you than what you wear. That said, what should women wear on a first date to impress a man?

This is a tricky subject. Women tend to assume that they should dress to bare flesh, but it does send the wrong message. Wanting to send the right message usually involves dressing in the following fashion.

Show Curves and Femininity Without Revealing Too Much

You want your date to be looking at you, but not looking at you like the steak on his plate, right? To do that, dress in a way that shows some curves off but keeps the rest a mystery. A flowing skirt that stops just above the knee, pumps, a form-fitting shirt in a flattering color, etc., is perfect for an evening date.

For an afternoon date or luncheon, pick something more dressy than casual, but still relaxed, like black denim jeans with crystal accents that hug your hips.

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Wear Perfume

Men follow their noses, and they like a good perfume just as much as you do. Something soft and floral or musky or citrus is divine.

If the scent meshes with your personality and your body chemistry, your date will want to move in closer to take in the smell.
It is a particularly good idea to select a luxury perfume you love and wear it each time you meet that same person on a succeeding date.

It will reinvigorate his memories of you and cause him to want to return to you to smell the scent again. You must think of your male date as a wolf that follows your scent.

He will continue to follow your scent if he loves it and finds you intriguing.

Wear Something That Catches the Eye

When you meet someone for the first time, you often let each other know how to recognize the other (especially if it is a blind date). Taking your cue from this practice, wear something that sticks out from the crowd around you. Wear brightly colored flowers or scarf in your hair.

Wear a necklace that sparkles and dances. Wear something that grabs the attention of your date and makes them look at you. Doing so will make them remember that moment and the stand-out item you chose to wear.
Men are equally visual and olfactory-sensitive.

Where the perfume will continue to spark interest and memories and draw him in, the brightly colored, shiny, large, or sparkly item you use to accessorize your outfit will trigger visual memories. You want to do both if you are going to stand out from the rest of the women he may be dating.

He will be better able to recall you and remember that he wants to call you if you leave him with these sensory triggers. If you choose romantic dates to do at home, most of this can be more relaxed anyway.

The only exception is if he is allergic to a perfume or has a sensory processing disorder that would go into overload by the accessory you choose.

However, you can ask about these sensory and allergy issues before your first date so that you can avoid a dating disaster.

If any of these issues exist, wear a lighter perfume or body mist under your clothes, and wear a simple accessory with softer colors or shine that still attracts but will not overwhelm.