Pros and Cons of Breaking Up With Your Partner Before Going To College

Going to college means leaving behind a lot of things albeit for a while. You will be in an unfamiliar place with people you have never met. But should you also break your relationship just because you are going to college? provides homework assistance to college students to ease your workload and enable you to form new relationships with ease or focus on your studies.

Each relationship is unique and will survive or fail to survive in different situations. Individuals may also hold diverse opinions about the same situation and each justifies the position.

Before making the final decision, here are the pros and cons of keeping a relationship or breaking it because you are going off to college.


1. A Chance For A New And Better Relationship

College changes people in so many ways. Your perspective of people will change. At the end of the three or four years, your taste could be different, leading to conflict with your current partner.

Instead of holding on to a relationship whose principles have already been altered, it would help to end the relationship.

College also allows you to meet new people. Since your world view has also changed, you are likely to find people who share the same mentality. Such relationships come with greater satisfaction and are likely to thrive beyond college.

2. Avoid The Uncertainty Of Whether The Partner Has Found Another

One of the challenges of long-distance relationships is the fear that your partner has already found another one and could be cheating on you. Such uncertainty may lead to unfaithfulness and a lot of heartaches.

If you are in college, it may affect your studies. The solution is to end the relationship and get into a new one if the opportunity is available. You could still get back together after college or when the situation allows.

3. It Is The Most Practical Thing To Do

Relationships are supposed to bring people together. You share time and experiences as you create memories. Such essentials will not be available once you go off to college.

You are left with remote communication through phones and social media. With uncertainties about finding new partners, a long-distance relationship becomes untenable.

4. Look At It As A Break

Breaks are good for relationships. They help the partners to determine the strength of their bond. The best way is to let your partner go to college or remain behind. If the attraction remains, then you can continue with the relationship.

In some cases, the attraction will fade. It becomes a reality check because in the future you might separate because of work.

5. Do You Still Share The Same Ambitions

What is the reason for leaving your partner behind when going to college? He or she could have decided that college is not important or is pursuing a different career.

Such changes in fortunes and career projects would necessitate separation that can only be achieved by breaking up.

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1. You Will Be Throwing Away Time And Emotions You Have Invested In Each Other

Relationships are built by the experiences and memories you have shared. By breaking up, you will be forfeiting all these dreams and experiences you have had together.

The promises and plans made are nullified. It explains the pain that comes with a breakup and why people find it difficult to get into other relationships.

You might lose the kind of person you will never find elsewhere.

2. It Is Expensive Maintaining A Long-Distance Relationship

Being apart means that you have to travel for occasions and make lengthy calls. As a student, these demands are a luxury. The allowance from parents and loans available might not be enough.

Adding the need to maintain a long-distance relationship means that you are carrying too much unnecessary weight.

3. It   May Affects Your Studies

The compassion that comes with relationships helps you to focus on studies and remain enthusiastic. Once you break up with your partner, you remain with emotional wounds that may take time to heal. Such destabilization at the beginning of your college life may affect the speed at which you settle in school. It also takes away your mind from academics into looking for new partners.

4. It May Comes With Guilt Out Of Temptation And Unfaithfulness

Failure to breakup will leave you feeling guilty whenever you get close to other people in college. Spending more time with new friends will generate feelings that may lead to intimacy and relationships.

If you have not broken up, you will feel guilty getting into other relationships. The new relationships come with promises and plans. You also build routines that keep the relationship going.

It will feel guilty and unfaithful to do the same things you did in the old relationship. It is a silent betrayal that might eat into you.

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5. New Relationships May Disrupt Your Focus In Class

The beauty of old relationships is that you have learned the person and are comfortable with the expectations. A   new relationship requires learning and time to build trust.

The new partner might also not understand your past or future well. Such new experiences will affect your focus in class and may lead to overall poor performance.

The new experience in college may leave you at a dilemma on whether to continue with the old relationship or quit.

Each relationship has unique bonds that hold you together. The decision to break up or stay is a delicate balancing act that every college student must perform.