Best Places to Get Laid

For most of us, sex means a comfortable bed and full discretion. It is clear that only the two of you should be involved in this act and that the atmosphere must be such that the passion between you two is on fire. But routine can pretty much ruin your love life. 

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Sometimes the best sex is in places you can’t even imagine. Even in these crazy, hectic, pandemic times, don’t just do it in your bedroom. Try to use your imagination to make these adventures as enjoyable as possible. You can create a sensual atmosphere almost anywhere without any risk of getting caught in some compromising position. Or maybe you want to get caught?

Best Places to Get Laid

Sex with a View

Many people love the idea of having sex in front of a window. But the scene of you two shaking can be a bit disturbing for your neighbors. So to keep this act surreptitious and enjoyable, do it at night, with the lights off.

Another option is a terrace or a private rooftop, which provides more discretion than window openings. A pose from the back can be perfect, as it doesn’t reveal what you’re really doing. But if your terrace is enclosed, you can try out an entire Kamasutra if you want. You and your partner can enjoy watching the sunrise or sunset and having one of the best actions in your life.

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On the Beach

On the Beach

This location simply has to be on your ‘places-to-have-sex’ list. Whether it’s a wild beach, a hidden bay surrounded by rocks, or a shoal where just the two of you are, having sex under a wide-open sky while being swept away by the waves is mind-blowing. On this link, see some tips on making this adventure even more enjoyable.

Of course, there can be some minor issues, such as sand getting into awkward places or sudden passers-by. You can solve the sand problem by having sex in water or on a towel spacious enough to perform sexy exhibitions. And as for passers-by, simply choose places which are not too busy or are away from public places. Or simply do it at night. You won’t lack romance for sure.

Recall Your Youth in Park

Public parks are generally open all day long, so you can go in there and have a good time with your partner. But we don’t think about a picnic, walking in the fresh air, or doing sports. We think of getting things physical. Sure, you won’t be there during busy hours. But planning your park action in sunset can be awesome.

If you are going to have sex in a park, it’s best to be as discrete as possible. For example, women can wear light skirts or dresses made of soft, stretchy materials. When you are on the top, this piece of clothing can easily ‘camouflage’ your lower parts. You two will look like just another horny couple who came to make up on a park bench. But the real action is under the skirt.

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Parking Lots

The inside of a car is also a great place to have sex in a public place. It maybe sounds like a cliche, but some vehicles are pretty comfortable and can give you and your partner a whole new level of pleasure. A hood is an option if you are a true adventurer or your car is just not spacious enough.

If you want to know how to get laid today and are willing to try it in a bit different way, get in your car. You could park in places like a mall, public parking garage, or front of a store. There’s a chance you might get caught, so always choose some remote, hidden corners. You can’t relax when you know that someone can show up anytime.

There are just so many different locations where you can have fun and spice up your sex life. If you don’t know any good places, you can find some handy suggestions in this article. You don’t have to try them all, but including them in your sex life will give you a lot more fun than you ever thought possible.