Parental Divorce Impact on College Students

It’s natural to want what is best for our children. We want them to succeed at school, college and then university and ultimately create a path towards a successful career. With all of this in mind, the reality is a divorce can negatively impact a child/student.

A divorce can affect students’ relationships as adults as well as a student’s educational performance. It is important for parents to talk to their children as often as possible and make sure that communication is always open. This is especially important during and after a divorce. It is also crucial to keep an eye out on the performance of a child during their school and college years. We will now take a closer look at the impact that a divorce has on a college students’ academic success.

Parental Divorce Impact on College Students

A divorce can cause students’ grades to suffer

Irrespective of what age the child is, a divorce can negatively impact a child’s grades, compared to the grades of a student whose parents are married. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to get assistance with your work such as using professional essay writing services.

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A divorce can reduce a student’s educational achievement

It goes without saying that divorce is difficult for children. In fact, research has stated that those students whose parents had divorced end up achieving less educationally. This doesn’t really come as a shock as during a divorce a child may need to move house, hear negative things about each parent and even have to take sides. All of this can have a negative impact when it comes to a student’s educational achievements.

A divorce can cause behavioral problems at school

It’s not common for children to experience some behavioral issues during their school years.  This could be related to bullying or friendship problems. However, it does tend to be the case that children whose parents are divorced, end up suffering from emotional turmoil during their adolescent years. This can cause these children to act out of character and avoid school and college.

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Research has revealed that over 50% of children whose parents a divorced skip class compared to those whose parents are not divorced.  This could be simply a way to get attention or it could be a result of not being interested in education anymore.

Studies have also shown that children who have gone through a divorce are more likely to experience drug-related and psychological issues as well as behavioral and academic problems. Their behavior may result in them acting inappropriately towards college tutors/teachers, refusing to participate, acting aggressively, and going against any rules.

A divorce can result in a student not completing school

Children who live in an environment that’s not settled (eg. divorce-related issues) can be more unstable, irrespective of how old they are. Quite often, a house that suffers from divorce also suffers from issues related to routines.

Research has therefore revealed that children who are brought up in a divorced situation are over 20% less likely to obtain a degree and over 25% more likely to drop out of high school. These children are also more likely to be expelled and suspended from school too.

The same study also went on to elaborate on the fact that even if a parent remarries,  this does not positively influence the education of a child. Additionally, it’s not just a child’s education that suffers when they experience a divorce,  these children also may have more difficulties when it comes to finding love and settling down.

A divorce can emotionally distract a student

Studies have highlighted that a divorce can create emotional distress in a student’s life.  Emotional distress can result in a lack of interest in general as well as emotional issues. When a student feels emotionally distracted, it is difficult for them to focus on their college work.

In this instance, it is worth talking to an independent tutor who may be able to help with college assignments and help your child to once again focus on their school work to ensure that they are on top of it and achieving their full potential.

A divorce can cause a student to be held back

Once again, a study has highlighted that students who have divorced parents have a higher chance of being held back at least one grade. This can result in a student’s self-esteem being affected and it may even make a student seem less favorable by educational establishments in the future.

A divorce can affect students’ comprehension

A divorce is a difficult experience that leaves children feeling confused, depressed and sad. This can then cause students to end up with hyperactivity disorders and ADD,  compared to those students who come from a non-divorced family. Research has suggested that if a child has divorced parents, at the age of 18, their ability when it comes to reading is half a year behind a child whose parents and not divorced. The same can be said for grades in science, maths, and history, as these grades tend to be lower for children who have divorced parents compared to those whose parents are married.

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A divorce can lower the chance of completing college and university.

Students whose parents are divorced are less likely to continue with further education and only around 25% complete a bachelor’s degree or a higher level of degree. There are many reasons why this may be the case as it could be that this child did not complete high school.

Another factor could be financial, as a child who has divorced parents may be living in a single-parent situation, which means that money could be an issue when it comes to paying for educational related aspects.