Best Quotes about Breakup

When a breakup happens, something breaks inside your heart too. No matter how messy it was, how much of a jerk your ex turned out to be, you only remember good moments. It’s an interesting trick our mind does when you vigorously want to remember why you broke up, but instead, your memory keeps pulling out some of the best moments.

Best Quotes about Breakup

But whatever this is, let yourself be sad for a moment. We all need healing. If you need to cry and talk about it with your good friends, do it without hesitation. Never go on with your life without full recovery because that baggage is still heavy. Instead of biting your elbows, read some of our inspirational quotes that will hopefully help you.

1. “We need to break up. I would rather be miserable alone than with you.”

It’s sad but true. A lot of relationships have a dead end. And when it’s not working anymore, you have to cut the ties. It can be extremely painful to make that first step, but without that, you wouldn’t be able to see clearly. It is indeed better to feel sadness occasionally than be in a circle of toxicity that brings you pain. If you think about it that way, it all becomes more realistic.

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2. “I couldn’t love you the way you wanted me to. So first, I decided to fall in love with myself.”

Most relationships are not working because we think that a certain person is our rescuer. From who? From ourselves, of course. We get so terrified to be alone, that any relationship starts to feel like a good idea. But is it true? Here is a very interesting article about why we are doomed to be dissatisfied in any relationship. If we are constantly unhappy with ourselves, can any other human being work this magic and transform us? 

There are some cases of that transformation but in most situations, after any breakup, you need to start with yourself. Learn to make yourself happy, don’t you ever chase another person and obligate them to make you feel better. 

3. “Sooner or later, there is a moment when your paths go in separate directions. Everyone chooses their own, thinking that someday they will meet again. But over time, you get further away. At first, you think it’s normal, “We are made for each other; sooner or later everything will return into its places.” However, this does not happen. Instead, winter comes. And you suddenly realize that it’s over. Once and for all.”

It is a sad situation where something in your lives goes wrong, but you can’t get a grasp on how it all started to fail. You try to recollect those occurrences but it all seems too frail. Your memory can’t get a hold of the moment when your partner began disappearing from your life. You just drifted away from each other. Even if you thought it was a perpetual reunion, it happens all the time. Even if you didn’t meet your girlfriend’s parents, or, on the contrary, were living together for ten years, life is just unexpected. But you need to comprehend that’s normal.

4. “What if there is the entity entirely made for me? I had to let you go to meet my real soul mate.”

When you think your life was meant to be with one person, it can be deceiving. It doesn’t matter how good they were to you; how long you’ve been together. The Universe would never give you a wrong man or woman. You were just not destined to be together forever. And even if it seems ridiculously unfair at this time of your life, years will pass and when you meet the right person, you would understand this deception.

If you are scared, sad, or confused about your former relationship, let yourself be. Do whatever your heart and soul need to heal. Find yourself in a good place. Take care of yourself. Don’t be preoccupied with anger, resentment, or bitterness. Just learn there will be a better option and I guarantee you that.