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can i get back my ex quiz

Breakup is undoubtedly a heart wrenching feeling. Our whole world seems to stop at this very moment. Everything related to out Ex and past memories starts to haunt us and leaves us miserable. But, what hurts more is the fact that you are still in love with your Ex and still you couldn’t stopped them from breaking up with you.

You kept looking for them even after the breakup hoping they will come back one day. And at the end nothing lefts but just you and a few unanswered “What if’s” in your mind.

“What if they still love me?”

“What if they also want to come back””

“What if I can get them back?”

“What if your relationship can work even after a breakup?”

You really don’t deserve to stay forever in questions mode.

If you are still head over heels for your ex and you are ready get them back, then we suggest you to take this quiz before you set on this path. This quiz has all the answers if you can really get back your ex or not.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you. All the very best ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t wait! Take the quiz and know your chances of getting your ex back


When did you guys break up?

Who initiated the break up?

When did you last speak to your ex?

Have you had any intimate experience with your ex after breaking up?

Was your ex an emotional person?

Were you in good terms with your ex just before breakup?

If you two were to get back, what condition would you have?

Is your ex dating someone else?

Why did you breakup?

Was your ex afraid of commitments?

When you two broke up, did they seem worried?

Did you two fight a lot when you were in a relationship?

How your treated each other in relationship?

How intimate was your relationship?

Have you tried calling your ex?

What do your friends tell you about your ex?

How good you were as a lover? Be honest

Can You Get Back Your Ex Or Not
Yes, chances are you can get them back
Congratulations, you can surely get your ex back. You realise that you both are perfect for each other and you broke up because of some silly reasons. Just reach out to them and be honest about your feelings and emotions.
Yes, but you have to work harder to get them back.
Before you reach out to your ex, there's lot of work you need to do. You have to try harder to get your ex back. But, nothing is impossible as long as you are sure that you definitely want your ex back. You need to analyse what went wrong between you two and work upon it. I won't be easy for sure, but you can do it we believe. ๐Ÿ™‚
They might have moved on.
Chances are they have accepted the situation and moved on in life. May be they were never sure of the relationship and moving on seemed the best decision to them. Certain things are beyond our control and it's better to let go off things. However, if you think there is still some hope left for you, we won't stop you from trying.
No! They were never yours.
Don't waste your precious time waiting for your ex to come back. They were never yours. This breakup was meant to happen. Instead, wait for the right person to arrive in your life. Crying, sobbing, depression won't take you anywhere. It's time to shed tears and open your heart to new possibilities and of course, new love.Keep you head high and keep moving ahead. You never know when life can present a perfect partner for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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