Quiz – Should I Breakup With Him/Her?

should i breakup with him/her quiz

If you dealing with a daunting partner or relationship and this question bugs you a lot lately, maybe it is time for you to weigh the pros and cons of your relationship. At time we tend to loose feelings for our partner and we can’t choose between staying together or moving on.

This short quiz will help you assess your situation and determine whether you should stay and try to make your bond stronger or, on the other hand – try to move on. Let’s begin 🙂

Does your relationship suffer because you two argue often?

Do you think the time you spend with your partner is of any quality?

If your relationship were like a sinking ship, would you stay onboard or jump off and save yourself?

Does your partner give you enough attention?

When you two have a problem how do you usually solve it?

Do you ever catch yourself checking out other men/women even though you are in a relationship?

Does your partner often remind you how amazing and wonderful person you are?

How often do you see each other?

Which of the following describes your partner the most accurately?

Be honest! Can you imagine the shared future with your current partner?

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but the most important thing is that you support each other. Do you feel like you get all the support you need from your partner?

People say eyes are the window to the soul. What do you see or feel when you look in your partner’s eyes?

For how long are you in a relationship?

Do your close friends whom you trust approve of your relationship?

Is there a mutual respect in your relationship?

Should I Break Up With Him/Her?
Good News!!
There is probably nothing to worry about! It seems that you have a loving partner worth keeping. However, if there is anything that caused the suspicion in you regarding the quality of your relationship, even the slightest sign that indicates something’s not right; maybe you should sit and talk it through. Maybe you are worried for no reason, but if there really is a problem, you could solve it together!
Don't rush!!
Before you decide to definitely break up, consider there is always another side of the story. You have probably felt neglected by your partner lately, or some things just didn’t work out for you. That’s for sure… But before you make some rush decisions hear him/her out. Don’t let the misunderstanding ruin your relationship. However, if you still think the best solution is to break up then it’s probably the best if you do it.
Think carefully again
Whoa! Hold your horses! Instead of just giving up without a fight, you should first consider solving the problems you and your partner have. It may result in break up, but your mind will be at peace because you at least tried. On the other hand, you may heal your relationship and spend more wonderful days with him/her, which would be completely impossible if you decide to just let it go. Think about it carefully!
Yess!! Do breakup please
You are in a stormy and insecure relationship. It seems that you two are simply not on the same page and it would probably be the best for you to consider breaking up. There is a lot going on between you – mostly negative things – and if you don’t want to see your partner as a burden anymore split up as soon as possible. You are a wonderful person who deserves more. A relationship is an amazing thing after all and it shouldn’t hold you back

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