Cremation vs Burial Which Is Best For a Loved One

No one can prepare enough to lose a loved one. However, planning what happens after is more important. It’s why you must plan for the eventuality, no matter how grim it can get.

The good news is that thousands of funeral homes exist in the United States. Each can give viable advice on how to care for a passed loved one.

Cremation vs Burial Which Is Best For a Loved One

Regardless, here are some considerations when choosing between cremation vs burial methods. Read on and learn more:

Cost of Burial vs Cremation

Whether you’re pre-planning your own or helping others plan theirs, you have lots of funeral options. The price variance is a compelling factor for most people. On average, traditional burials are more expensive than cremations.

It’s even more expensive when people tend to overspend with their funeral plans. To prevent it from happening, know your options beforehand. Check your area before you overspend on costs.

The average cremation costs are a fraction of the traditional burial because of the fewer services involved. Depending on your state and the type of cremation, prices can vary.

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Environmental Impact

Cremation or burial methods are subject to hot debates. The proponents of the former say that the latter isn’t green because caskets aren’t biodegradable. Also, embalming is a harsh process for the environment.

On the opposite camp, they say that cremating bodies harm the environment through pollutants in the air. Either way, it’s not as conclusive, so trust your principles and pick your types of funerals.

Religious Considerations

A lot of people have various perspectives depending on their religious beliefs. For example, the Catholic Church never allowed cremation until the 1960s. Even after lifting the cremation ban, they find it immoral not to bury the cremated remains afterward.

Most fundamental Christians disallow cremation. However, Methodists and Lutherans do. Jewish religions forbid cremation, but some accept it nowadays.

Muslim faith won’t allow cremation while Buddhism and other eastern religions see it as the only way. It’s easier to choose either burial or cremation based on your faith.


Cremation is the more flexible option since you can choose when to do the funeral service. Whether it’s before or after the process, you have more time to gather various family members. It’s especially when it’s a prominent family figure.

The product of cremation, ashes, comes with lots of options. You can bury or scatter them in their favorite places. More outgoing or adventurous people prefer wearing ashes as jewelry pieces.

Also, you can share the ashes with various family members. It’s useful when everyone lives in various places. It’s easier than visiting the same cemetery since you won’t need to plan the logistics and make everyone’s schedule match.

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Cremation vs Burial: Know What’s Best for You!

These are some important comparisons between cremation vs burial. Pick the right option for your budget, beliefs, and other factors unique to your situation. Never leave anything to chance and work with the right people.

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