Turning Breakups Into Breakthroughs

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Parental Divorce and College Students

The Effects of Parental Divorce on New College Students

There is still a debate among psychotherapists regarding whether the divorce is harder on younger kids or college-age children. There are rightful arguments from both sides. For example, experts say that kids tend to feel more guilty in parents getting divorced than college students. At the same time, college students get much angrier. This discussion …

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Staying Healthy Through a Difficult Breakup

Romantic relationships have been the twine that holds the world together for so many people at different points in their lives. And as so many people do recall it was usually a time of bliss and such perfection where one could literally do nothing without the other. Relationships do have their effect on almost all …

signs of breakup

12 Early Signs Your Relationship Is In Danger

How about if I tell you your relationship will turn into a breakup soon, If……? And, your promises, commitments, mutual admiration, even your #couplegoals, and #truelove can’t save your relationship from a breakup, if… You will probably think of me as insane, as you are dead sure about your relationship and it’s secure future. Some …